Website Starter Kit

With the right tools available and a bit of motivational guidance, building a beautiful website is easier than you might believe. You simply need to know where to get started.

There are 3 main ingredients to a website...

Original Content

Domain Name

Web hosting

1. Create original content.

Content is everything, and that is something we can proudly stand by. After all, it’s the main ingredient behind a successful website. Quality content will not only attract new visitors, but it will keep them coming back for something new.

Find your inner voice and express your ideas with the world. There is always someone listening.

2. Find a domain name.

Every website needs a domain name that’s easy to remember and makes sense. However, finding an available domain isn’t always easy. Content Starter Kit recommends searching for domain names in real time using Instant Domain Search.

Typically you will want to use a .com domain, but there are many extensions available today. Feel free to get creative.

3. Choose a web host.

Content Starter Kit proudly promotes WP Engine, a powerful web host currently servicing over 500,000 websites powered by WordPress. WP Engine has built its brand on professional hosting, robust security features, and more.

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Need help building your website? Just ask.

No matter your level of experience, it never hurts to ask a question — especially when it comes to building a successful website. Just fill out the form below and Content Starter Kit will get back to you shortly.

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