If you had told me this week that I would have to completely migrate Content Starter Kit and all its content from one web host to another, I probably wouldn’t believe you. I mean, why go through so much trouble if everything was working as intended? That’s what I believed, anyway — until I received the following from HostPapa, my former web host, in my inbox:

Reason for Suspension: Excessive Resource Usage

Your HostPapa account has been flagged due to excessive use by your website of server resources. This is causing performance problems on not only your website, but also for other customers whose accounts are on this shared web hosting server.

Excessive resource use can cause performance issues on HostPapa‘s servers, resulting in CPU load and server crashes and additional downtime for our clients.

While this wasn’t the first warning I had received from HostPapa, I still found it odd considering they actually went through with suspending my website. At this point, Content Starter Kit was completely offline. I couldn’t even access the WordPress dashboard without going through HostPapa support. Thankfully, they gave me a grace period to figure out what was wrong, while conveniently mentioning they have higher tier hosting plans available to avoid this from happening again.

Was the website using excessive resources due to a poorly written plugin? Maybe my automated WordPress backups were becoming too much? It was hard to say. Regardless, I wanted to move on from this nightmare and get Content Starter Kit back up and running as soon as possible. I had to consider my options.

After a bit of research, I decided to give DreamHost a try. I’ve heard good things about them in the past, and their website overall is well designed and easy to navigate — two attributes that are important to me when it comes time to pay for a service. Because I needed to move Content Starter Kit without a hitch, I took an interest in DreamPress. This is DreamHost’s managed WordPress hosting, which includes a seamless web host migration tool. I completed all the necessary steps, explained what needed to be done, and hoped for the best.

About 24 hours later, Content Starter Kit and all its content was back up and running! Needless to say, I was both amazed and relieved. I’m paying a slightly higher hosting fee than I was before, but that’s only because I chose a hosting plan that is designed specifically for WordPress powered websites. I am also receiving automatic backups every day, directly through DreamHost. This is more convenient  than having to trust a third party WordPress plugin that is not always guaranteed to be supported.

So, what does this mean for HostPapa? I will continue to use them for another website I manage, TwitchTips.com. Oddly enough, I have yet to receive any kind of excessive usage warnings in regards to that website. I will certainly be keeping an eye on it, though. As a HostPapa partner, I am by no means suggesting that you should disregard HostPapa as a web host. Instead, I am simply saying that it is wise to consider your options.

As of today, I use three different web hosts for my projects — each for specific reasons. It doesn’t hurt to get out there and experiment with the competition.