No matter how much you want to fight the idea, recording videos using an iPad is a thing. In fact, going the iPad route is often more beneficial than using an iPhone. I think you’d be surprised at how truly capable it is, especially if you factor in the latest iPad Pro refresh. Both models (10.5- and 12.9-inch) feature the same camera system as the iPhone 7 — minus the dual-lens setup, of course. That’s exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus.

What makes the iPad Pro so special for recording video? You’d think handling such a large device would be overkill. Yes, at times it can be, but the pros greatly outweigh the cons. Let’s jump into specifics.

4K > 1080p

If you’re not recording your videos in 4K, then you are truly missing out. Even if you don’t own a 4K display of any kind, you need to take advantage of this on the iPad Pro. By default, you’ll be recording in 1080p. To change this, open the Settings app on your iPad Pro, scroll down and select Camera. Tap “Record Video” and choose “4K at 30 fps.”

As you can imagine, recording video in a higher resolution requires more space. One minute of video will typically take up 170 MB. The base model iPad Pro begins at 64 GB of storage. If you’re going to be recording video often, then I highly recommend going with the 256 GB option. That’s what I chose and it’s been more than enough.

Now that you’re set up to record 4K video, get out there and capture some test clips!

It’s a giant viewfinder

Recording videos on the iPad Pro gives you a huge advantage over recording on the iPhone — literally. You know that large display you love so much? It makes for an excellent viewfinder. Your subjects are instantly extra large and details super sharp.

It’s a dream come true for video creators like myself. To see my work just inches from my face, it’s an experience that you need to witness for yourself.

The quality isn’t bad

It’s actually… damn impressive. While recording some clips for the montage that I put together (embedded above), I captured a spectacular sunset scene that convinced me right away. The rear-facing camera on the iPad Pro is no joke. Not only was the video stabilization impressive, but the details that were captured really came out nicely — despite the harsh exposure conditions.

Audio quality, on the other hand, is questionable. To me, it sounds decent. You just need to be careful when recording, especially if you plan on handholding your iPad Pro. The microphones are located on the top and rear ends of the device, so be sure your fingers are not getting in the way.

Of course, you could always use an external microphone. In that case, I recommend giving the Shure MV88 a try. It’s a Lightning compatible microphone that is designed specifically to work with iOS devices. My experience with it has been simply awesome.