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Did you know there are 10,000+ web hosts to choose from around the world? For the average user who simply wants to build a website and manage it, that’s a lot to take in. Rather than waste time trying to find what works best for you, I recommend going the HostPapa route — especially if the website you are building requires WordPress. Di Franco Media is actually hosted via HostPapa, so why not take the opportunity to review their services?

Below you can find my updated in-depth review of HostPapa, information on the services they currently offer, as well as my experiences with them thus far. Let’s begin with a brief overview.


Founded in 2006, HostPapa is a privately owned web hosting company that provides a variety of hosting services. Based in Canada and operated in the United States, United Kingdom, and several other countries, hosting services can vary from shared hosting to virtual private servers. Other services include domain name registration and hosted email — in addition to security services such as SSL certificates.

As of this writing, HostPapa provides hosting services to over 500,000 websites. Not bad.

Optimized WordPress Hosting

One of the primary reasons I decided to use HostPapa to host Di Franco Media is its seamless WordPress Hosting services that are provided specifically for WordPress users like myself. Going this route not only promises that WordPress will be installed by default and ready to use right away, but Elementor is also provided from the beginning.

Elementor is the drag-and-drop editor every WordPress user needs to take advantage of. It’s the ultimate WordPress plugin that makes building websites easier and more flexible than ever. Seriously, you need to give it a try. Read more about my experiences with Elementor here.

Di Franco Media has an exclusive deal set up with HostPapa, so getting started with their WordPress Hosting is a breeze and very affordable. Click here to learn more.

Additional Hosting Plans

In addition to WordPress hosting, HostPapa offers a few different shared hosting plans. These include Starter, Business and Business Pro — each package reflecting its name. And if you really want to get serious, there are currently five VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting plans available. Ranging from $19.99/month to $249.99/month, all VPS hosting plans include a robust server with root-level access, dedicated computing resources with enhanced SSD drives and of course, 24/7 support from VPS experts.

Affordable Domain Names

Finding a web host is just part of the process. You are also responsible for finding an appropriate domain name. HostPapa includes full support for numerous domain name extensions. Whether you’re looking to go the traditional .com route or you want something more unique like .xyz, registering your domain name is a cinch.

It’s particularly worth noting that all of HostPapa’s hosting packages include a free domain name registration, which is a huge plus if you are looking to save money. And who isn’t?

Professional Email Hosting

It’s 2019 and most users, myself included, still rely heavily on email to stay in contact with the world. Personally, I prefer to keep things simple and use Gmail, but at some point in the near future I am going to consider setting up a few hosted email accounts on HostPapa. A basic email account will run you just $1/month per user and going advanced costs $2/month per user — with additional email plans available.

Email hosting is suitable for individuals and small businesses who need properly branded email. For example, using contact@yourwebsite.com looks more professional than yourwebsite@gmail.com. This small attention to detail can make a big difference in the eyes of potential customers.

Extensive cPanel Support

Every reliable web host typically provides a cPanel, and HostPapa is no exception. The cPanel is where you manage everything regarding your website. From file hosting and website backups to email accounts and security services, the cPanel is just a click away. You can always access it by logging into your HostPapa account.

Are you looking to host multiple websites? Not a problem. The cPanel is automatically designated to each respective website, offering all the appropriate services you need per project.

Security and Encryption

Managing a website can be a great experience, but it’s important to not forget about security and how critical it is to stay protected. Security seems to be a top priority at HostPapa, judging by the amount of encryption services they are offering. Between purchasing yourself an SSL certificate and applying automated website backup, it’s nice knowing you can have peace of mind.

Do you want to know a little secret, though? As much as I enjoy HostPapa, I recommend skipping their security options and installing any of the popular WordPress plugins that are available. There is something for almost every emergency situation imaginable.

24/7 Support

And finally… perhaps the most important aspect of finding a reliable web host — support! Every website owner needs a support team that can be reached at all times. This is not only true for your own sake, but especially the customer’s sake. Imagine running into a serious problem and not having an answer for your customer. Needless to say, that would make you look unprofessional. You don’t want that, now do you?

Simply put, HostPapa’s customer service has been awesome. Before launching Di Franco Media, I ran into some problems (ironically that I created) and had to talk to their chat support. The representatives were always quick to respond and assisted in solving my issues. HostPapa also provides a direct phone number you can call, as well as an extensive knowledge base containing all kinds of useful information.


So, what’s the deal? Is HostPapa worth it? If you are looking to host a website that is easy to manage and your budget is small, then absolutely. Even with HostPapa’s more expensive services, you are still saving money when compared to the competition. Just remember to use Di Franco Media’s exclusive deal for WordPress users, which can be claimed below.

Do you have any questions or comments regarding HostPapa? Just comment below, or email me via the Contact page, and I will be sure to reply promptly. I am always happy to lend a helping hand in the world of content creation.

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