Thanks to the always-improving cameras in today’s smartphones, the days of requiring an expensive camera to produce quality results are long behind us. Sure, nothing can truly beat what a DSLR is capable of, but at least the majority of users have a good camera that is constantly with them.

The opportunity to ‘get the shot’ at a moment’s notice is huge, but it doesn’t have to stop there. As great as your phone’s camera may seem, it tends to fall short in two categories of photography: wide-angle and macro

Recently I reviewed two lenses and a photo case from a company called Moment. Considering these are my first products of theirs, I have to say, I’m quite impressed.

As someone who has used less convenient mobile photography solutions, what Moment has created can be viewed as a godsend. The experience begins with the Photo Case, a case that is built to work specifically with a variety of smartphones. From the iPhone 7 to the Pixel XL, this case makes connecting and disconnecting a Moment lens seamless. It’s all done within seconds.

During my review, I was fortunate enough to use two lenses from Moment  — one for wide-angle shots and another for achieving detailed macro shots. Each lens will cost you close to $100, so be prepared to spend a little. I can assure you, however, that the price is worth it.

Wide Lens

If wide-angle photography is your thing, then you’re going to love this particular lens from Moment. Not only does it allow significantly more information to be captured within frame, but the lack of distortion around the edges in photos is very impressive.

A few test shots that I got myself can be seen below. Be sure to pay attention to the differences when jumping back and forth between before and after.

Macro Lens

Getting close to a subject and studying its details is something all photographers need to experience. Moment’s macro lens creates some truly breathtaking results. Focusing on your subject can be a little challenging at times, but if you practice patience, then you’ll be capturing detailed macro shots in no time.

Curious about how close this lens can actually get? Just check out my example shots below.

Where to Buy

Moment’s products, including the Photo Case, can be found here. If you prefer to go the Amazon route, every item featured in this post can be purchased right below:

Photo Case for iPhone 7 Plus | Wide Lens Macro Lens